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The helicopter: one of the most fascinating and imaginative aircrafts. A helicopter can hover, turn around its axis, take off and land almost everywhere, fly in extreme conditions,... a helicopter can do it all! A helicopter flight is an unforgettable experience for young and old.
Welcome on board! You can have already a beautiful impression of our helicopter tours in the movie below:

Get on board and experience breathtaking landscapes from new perspectives.
We conduct individual sightseeing flights and sightseeing promotions for all types of events.

Sightseeing tours - the best way to see Belgium (Flanders)

As we’re an experienced helicopter sightseeing company in Belgium, Distri Europe Copters offers customers the opportunity to see Belgium and the surrounding area in a whole new way, from the skies!
More info about our helicopter tours: helicopter tours.

Personalized vouchers for helicopter tours

helicopter tours Belgium Birthdays, weddings, Christmas, anniversaries,... there are innumerable opportunities to make a gift to friends and relatives of an impressive and unforgettable experience. Helicopter sightseeing flights are particularly suitable as a gift. With Distri Europe Copters, you can also get personalized vouchers at no extra charge.

Have you or a loved one ever wanted to experience what it's actually like to fly in a helicopter? Would you like to treat yourself or that special person with a present they'll never forget?
Then why not buy a gift certificate?

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On this website: every detail and price for unforgettable helicopter tours in Belgium.

A wish? A gift idea? Any excuse is good…
As we have yearly hundreds of happy passengers, and we do everything ourselves, we can offer you the best prices.

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