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How experienced are your helicopter pilots?

Our pilots provide you with the best tour, excellent narration and knowledge of Belgium. We conduct training and all pilots must have a difficult commercial pilot license.

What should i wear?

Wear what ever is comfortable for you. Wear clothing suited to the season.

What is the price of a helicopter ride?

You can find our rates at this page: price helicopter ride Belgium.

Can I smoke in a helicopter?

Smoking in or around a helicopter is strictly forbidden!

Can I take a camera on board?

Yes, there is no problem in taking a camera with you during the flight. There is no problem to take pictures during the helicopter tour. You can also send us some pictures afterwards; it is always nice to add them on our website.

Is it a champagne flight?

A choise of champagne, beer or soft drinks is available after the flight to celebrate our beautiful trip.

Is there an age limit for passengers?

Passengers should be minimum 7 years. There is no maximum age to fly in a helicopter.

What is your safety record?

We take pride in our perfect safety record and implement every measure to maintain it.

What type of helicopter do you fly?

We fly with a very luxurious Bell 407 helicopter with place for 6 passengers + pilot (more info: Bell 407 copter). We also fly with Robinson helicopters. We have a type for pilot + 3 passengers (type Robinson R44) and also a type for pilot + 1 passenger (type Robinson R22).

What should I expect on my helicopter excursion?

Distri Europe Copters pride itself in being one of the only "true" VIP-level helicopter excursion company in Belgium. Guests will be treated to the VIP interior of our Bell 407 helicopter, as well as personal narration by our highly qualified pilots. The helicopters are equipped with six leather passenger seats plus one for the pilot. The seating arrangement is determined by the pilot based on the passengers' weights. You'll fly with top speed above the beautiful Belgian landscape! Discover the magic of flying by helicopter and the joy of seeing majestic landscapes.

Do you also fly in cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent or Leuven?

On request we can fly over your preferred region (only if this does not violate the aviation rules). But when your region is too far away from the heliport whitin the choosen type of flight it is not possible. On request (for private tours / private groups) you can fly to your region. Please contact us with your request and we make you a personalized quote.

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