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The helicopter: one of the most fascinating and imaginative aircrafts. A helicopter can hover, turn around its axis, take off and land almost everywhere, fly in extreme conditions,... a helicopter can do it all! A helicopter flight is an unforgettable experience for young and old.

Since 1991 Distri Europe is organizing balloon and helicopter flights in Belgium for individuals and for companies. We are proud of our experience. We started with flying hot air balloons, but on request of our passengers we are now offering also helicopter flights.
But, knowing us, we choose for the best helicopters. We are offering flights with the Bell 407 helicopter, one of the most luxurious helicopters in the world; with leather interior and space for 6 passengers (see Bell 407). With this helicopter we group individuals. For families and photo flights we are also flying with smaller helicopters: Robinson R44 and Robinson R22.

If possible we can fly over your own region, city, street,... wherever you want (if possible within the flight time of the chosen type of flight). The advantage of a helicopter is that the meteo conditions are not giving as many problems as the meteo for a hot air balloon, and a helicopter can fly all day and has no problems with turbulence.
Also here we are performing the flights with only the best material, strictly maintained, and all pilots have a valid commercial license and many hours of experience.

How to make an appointment?

Contact us, via telephone 0032 51 - 312 325, or fill in the contact form on this website or send us an email via info@helicoptertours.be.


helicopter tours Belgium Bookings are possible for 1 person or more. Also kids can join the flight, but they need be accompanied by an adult.

For individuals we have a fixed dates for the flight (we group more passengers in the helicopter). See the box on the right top of this website with the next flights. When you are with 3 persons, you can choose your own date for a flight with our Robinson R44. When you are with 5-6 persons, you can also choose your own date for a flight with the Bell 407 helicopter. Please contact us for a quote.
When you book a full helicopter for your group, you can choose your preferred flight route, hour and date.

Where we take off

Because of the flight rules and the availability of the necessary accommodation our helicopter takes off from a certified heliport, in the region of Kortrijk / Tournai (in the west of Belgium.

The flight

Each of our helicopter flights means 20 or 30 minutes in the air (dependant of the chosen program).
We also prepare the flight, give you a breefing, and after the flight and landing, we offer you champagne (this is the tradition). The entire program means that you will be minimum 2 hours away from home. If you have a preferred flight route, you can always tell us, we will try to fly also over your home, street, region. You can also ask us all technical details of the helicopter.

To have more information about the program of the flight, and the prices, please click in the menu on the left on prices

Flight incentives

Of course we can also offer helicopter flights for bigger groups. You can then choose for shorter or longer flight times, flights on events,...
You can contact us for a personalized quote.

Distri Europe Copters means: "The sky is the limit"!

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