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We have 3 types of helicopters, perfect for sightseeing tours in Belgium

The Bell 407 helicopter

bell 407 heli
The Bell 407 is frequently used for corporate and offshore transport, as an air ambulance, law enforcement, electronic news gathering and movie making, because it is one of the fastest and safest helicopters in the world.

This helicopter has 6 passenger seats + 1 seat for the pilot, and has a very luxurious interior.

More info: Bell 407

Robinson R44 helicopter

r44 heli
The Robinson R44 is a light weight 4-seat helicopter with a strong power. He is in production since 1992 by Robinson Helicopter Company, and is a very trustable helicopter.

The R44 has 3 passenger seats + 1 seat for the pilot.

More info: Robinson R44

Robinson R22 helicopter

r22 heli The Robinson R22 is a light weight 2-seat helicopter with strong power, single engine and two blades.

The R22 has one seat for a passenger and one seat for the pilot.

More info: Robinson R22

These helicopters are maintained by the European EASA rules.

Your comfort and safety = our concern!

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